February 22, 2012

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The meeting was held at Nico’s. There were eight people in attendence: Colleen Watson, Jennifer Metro, Susan Rienzo, Marcello, Vicki Alcantar, Mark Reid, Dave Albert and Nico. The topics of discussion were: Funding Catering Technical Crew Shooting Schedule Funding: The Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns are both done. Future funding efforts will include: Listing items for sale on Craigslist and/or E-bay. Dave Albert and Vicki Alcanter are taking the lead here. Applying for grants. Initially we are looking for support from the Phoenix Art Museum. Susan Rienzo is taking the lead on this. Catering: The following items have been considered: Continental Breakfast Deli Fare Pizza (?) There needs to be food for 25-50 people daily. Planning and shopping will be handled by Vicki Alcantar. Vicki will hand off to Jennifer Metro. Jennifer will then try to secure a PA to maintain it from there. Technical Crew: The technical crew is in place. We discussed needing a Sound Engineer, field sound not studio sound. Shooting Schedule: The filming will take 22-25 days. Filming should begin in April. The bulk of which (11 days?) will take place in two facilities on one location. We have tenative sites for the crowd scenes. We still need a Waffle House and a Circle K. Office Minutia: Mark Reid and Jennifer Metro will coordinate to provide sign in forms and waivers as need be.

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